In this article, you will learn and understand the DesignFiles interface. When using a new app, it is imperative to know the features and options and how it works. We marked each option and described its functions so you will know where to navigate within the app.

1. The Menu

The Menu bar houses all the main DesignFiles features. Start creating projects, managing products, project requests, packages, and access our resources using the Menu. Here are the options that you can access in the Menu:

  • My Projects - this option lets you manage projects, operations include but not limited to, creating, updating, and deleting projects.
  • My Library - this option lets you manage the product library, operations include but not limited to adding, updating, and deleting products.
  • Project Requests - this option lets you manage project requests, operations include but not limited to create new projects, view, accept, or decline selected jobs.
  • Packages - this option lets you manage package offerings and payment configurations.
  • Resources - this option lets you access the DesignFiles’ Help Center, Videos, & Webinars, and Expert Articles and Guides

2. Menu Headers

These headers vary depending on the option that you choose. It lets you recognize what option or page you are working on. Here are the options and their corresponding headers:

  • My Projects - My Projects
  • My Library - My Library
  • Project Requests - New Project Requests
  • Packages - Payments & Packages
  • Resources - clicking this option expands a sub-menu. You can opt to go to the Help Center, Video & Webinar, and/or Expert Articles and Guides pages.

3. Notification Bell

The Notification Bell icon indicates active and unviewed notifications. It is worth noting that when a number of notifications come in, click this icon and review the notifications. Some of the notification includes:

  • Project Quote Approval/Disapproval
  • Product Approval/Rejection
  • Invoice Payment Notification

4. Account Menu (Me)

The Account Menu lets you access your DesignFiles settings and other helpful tools. These are the following options that you can access from the Account Menu:

  • Settings
  • My Plan
  • Invite Clients
  • Get Browser Clipper
  • Refer Designers & Earn
  • Logout

5. The DesignFiles Support Chat Bubble

The Support Chat Bubble lets you contact us through chat or search help articles.

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