In this article, you will learn to apply paints to your wall. Design Files currently have 4 available brands to choose from. It is important to note that this option works on the 3D Perspective view. If you are currently in the Floorplan and 3D Top-down view and you use the Paint option, the view will change into the 3D Perspective view.

1. Open the Floorplan/3D Renderer.

2. In the Attributes panel, click the Paint tab to display more paint colors.

3. In the Paint tab, select the preferred paint brand by clicking its name. Brands include the following:

  • Benjamin Moore

  • Sherwin-Williams

  • Dulux (Australia)

  • Farrow & Ball

4. You can use the Search by name or code field to narrow your search by entering the color name or color code.

5. Find and click the desired color that you want to apply.

6. Point and click your cursor on the wall to apply the selected paint.

7. A Confirmation dialog box will appear. Select the next action to take by clicking the appropriate button:

  • Yes, Apply to All: selecting this option will apply the paint to all walls.

  • No, Just Selected Wall: selecting this option will only apply to the selected all.

8. After applying the paint, click the Save button to apply the changes.

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